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Break paradigms and re-imagine education with BEXTLabs | BEXTechnology

Break paradigms and re-imagine education with BEXTLabs | BEXTechnology

Microsoft and BEXTechnology together bring 311,000 students to the Cloud to continue their studies from home

With virtual machines in the cloud provisioned with BEXTLabs, the elementary and middle school children from more than 500 schools were able to continue their learning in hands-on labs from home.

When Microsoft technology is well used by certified, talented and creative partners as BEXTechnology (BEXT), to bring clever and pertinent solution, will confirm government needs and help citizens to improve access to quality education.

The Secretary of Education of Medellín's mission is to guarantee the provision of educational services for the population of Medellín, the second largest city in Colombia; from initial to secondary education, through policies and strategies for access, permanence, quality and relevance. 

“Today, enrollment in our city amounts to more than 410,000 students in  public and private education, of which 311,000 are part of public education and all are working from home. These students have benefits such as school meals, complementary hours, technical media, bilingual seeds and exchanges”, said the Secretary of Education, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz. 

For a few years, Medellín has been carrying out technological innovation projects, being recognized for years as one of the most innovative, according to the surveys carried out by the National Consulting Center and the Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology. 

COVID-19 led the Secretary of Education of Medellín to promote virtual classes, and for this the Secretary of Education managed to consolidate an alliance with Microsoft and BEXTechnology to strengthen virtual education in the city, due to this, Microsoft and BEXTechnology have made available to the educational community its technological tools, to reach the homes of more than 311,000 students enrolled in the public institutions and coverage of the city with the highest standards of technology access and world class education. 

To access the content, more than 10,000 teachers and 311,000 students were enrolled in Office 365, on a way they can access virtual desktops provisioned with BEXTLabs PRO - AVD (Before Windows Virtual Desktop) with more than a thousand content options to strengthen skills data in Big Data, cloud computing, basic digital literacy, among others.

“Technologies are here to stay, and now, in times of contingency, technology adoption processes have accelerated, which leads us to break paradigms and re-imagine education; on this case, carry all the software applications that currently exist at the Educational institutions in their computer rooms to the houses of the students, so they can continue with their academic training from any device and from anywhere.

It is the result of our commitment as a company towards our clients, to generate impact and greater coverage in the use of Microsoft technologies.” Comments Andrea Alonso Uribe, BEXTLabs Product Manager.

Gamified learning with Minecraft Education

In virtual machines, the Minecraft Education Edition platform has been provi sioned with nearly 100,000 licenses for students to learn, through the world's most popular video game, computational thinking and programming logic. 

The educational institutions of Medellín, through the Secretary of Education, have arranged with Microsoft licenses for online work, training through games and workshops where once the email is created, each participant can access all the tools Office automation and Microsoft 365.

With the ideal of leaving an installed capacity in the educational community, th e technology adoption processes supported by the experience of BEXTechnology, facilitate the training of elementary, secondary and technical secondary teachers in the use of technological tools that allow them to ensure continuity virtual classes. According to the Secretary of Education  of Medellín, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz: "all this is part of the great strategy (En Casa Aprendemos), through which we are promoting processes of academic flexibility in times of contingency."

After 2 years, more than 6,000 virtual machines have been provisioned with BEXTLabs in its edition for Windows Virtual Desktop that cover the more than 300,000 students of the public schools of the city of Medellín.

With the above, BEXTechnology and its team of specialists highly committed to the growth of its clients and, in turn, its multiple competencies, strengthen its value and competitiveness proposition in the Colombian and Latin American markets for all segments.

BEXTLabs | Desktop and Apps virtualization

The best experience in Technology

For more than 10 years, BEXTechnology has invested constantly to have a selected team of more than  100  professionals,  being acknowledge  for more than  10 Gold and 6 Silver  Microsoft Competencies to bring high level knowledge to benefit and have satisfied customers.

Today, BEXTechnology has an effective presence in framework agreements in -Colombia Compra Eficiente- in which it has been granted more than 50 bids and business for more than 10 million USD for Microsoft revenues, being the first in the public cloud in which it has stood out for the active participation and the promotion of the Microsoft solutions in Government and Education.

BEXTechnology is a team with multiple skills and specialties, focusing its strength given in the opportunity to solve human problems through technology, making the most of the available tools and putting users at the center in all the solutions proposed.  During the pandemic, BEXTechnology ran the AVD, before Windows Virtual Desktop initiative with more clients in the Azure cloud. "We are constantly updating ourselves, achieving the Gold Competition in security and already this month we hope to have three advanced specializations that make us the best partner in the country" adds Hector Rodriguez, general manager of BEXTechnology.

The results

During the last year, BEXTechnology has doubled the number of Microsoft certified professionals and helped Microsoft sales to gain over 40 new contracts for Microsoft azure, to win-back over 10,000 O365 seats from competitive platforms.  Via FastTrack has activated over 400,000 O365 licenses and endorsed the usability of over 35,000 Microsoft Teams with many workloads in every case, in more than 20 companies countrywide.

Among a new list of partners BEXTechnology has permanently raised their capabilities also in Azure Data Analytics and Microsoft Security to confirm their commitment, permanent support and alignment with Microsoft technologies and strategies.